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By Clayton DeKorne

Fitting trim calls for precision and knowledge. this can be the booklet that indicates how you can deal with all universal trim tasks, together with window and door casings, baseboards, wainscoting and crown molding -- and get specialist effects at any time when. it is a entire home made publication written by means of a qualified chippie and awarded in a hugely obtainable layout.

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Trim Carpentry & Built-Ins

Fitting trim calls for precision and knowledge. this is often the ebook that exhibits how you can deal with all universal trim initiatives, together with window and door casings, baseboards, wainscoting and crown molding -- and get expert effects whenever. this can be a entire home made publication written through a certified chippie and provided in a hugely obtainable structure.

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For complex details, however, it often helps to magnify the drawing with a 3: I scale (3 in. ). Scale rulers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. -per-ft. increments. Don’t use an engineer’s square, which is divided into 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 parts of an inch. Three scales (top to bottom):All of these are “architect’s” scales, which show proportional distances divided in feet and inches (see the close-up below). When buying one, make sure you don’t pick up an engineer’s scale, which may look identical but divides the scales into decimal equivalents (divisions of 10).

Usually “hardwoods” are denser than “softwoods,” but not always. ) Choosing Finish Lumber When choosing trim stock, the goal is to select straight, flat, smooth stock that will stay that way. Because wood shrinks and swells with changes in temperature and humidity, a flat, square-edged board tends to grow, shrink, cup, twist, hook, or split as it absorbs water and then dries out. Although they may seem to be fastened in place with screws, glue, and nails, miters can open and close as trim swells and shrinks, making panels warp and cabinet doors stick.

Supply lists At the bottom of every list, I include a final category : supplies. This includes all of the fasteners (nails and screws), glues and adhesives, biscuits and dowel stock, caulk, veneer tape, finishes (paints and stains), sandpaper, steel wool, wood filler, shims, extra drywall compound for repairs, and whatever else may be needed. Many of the miscellaneous items are the hardest to forecast, and they are often the things for which I go running out to a hardware store in the middle of a project.

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