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By Pierre Berton

Within the Nineteen Seventies, Pierre Berton and his relatives recreated the journey down the Yukon made through his father, Francis George Berton, in 1898. This compelling tale of the later trip is a valentine from son to father, a paranormal story of a kin adrift, and a poetic exploration of the region’s wealthy heritage. In experiencing this nice desert, Berton and his relations realize their deep connection to nature — and every different.

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Habermas argues convincingly that the project of modernity is worth retaining and hasn’t been fulfilled, sociological claims to the contrary notwithstanding. For further development of Habermas’s perspective on modernity, refracted through his reflections on 9/11, see Borradori’s Philosophy in a Time of Terror (2003), which also presents Derrida’s views on the topic. I side with Habermas on these points, even though I question his critique of Marx’s and the original Frankfurt School’s optimism about reconstituting science, technology, and nature itself.

Television and the Internet aren’t ideological in the old-fashioned sense of making arguments about why this is the best of all possible worlds; they portray the present world as inevitable, and as desirable, inundating us with images and texts that seem to have no outside and that never seem to quit. Texts become lives by being lived, enacted by those of us for whom possibility is exhausted by situation comedies, cosmetics and clothing advertising, chat rooms. ” This craving, this identification with the stylized people (always thin and always dippy) portrayed in our media culture, is the absence of mediation, which would hear a different voice.

In my concluding chapter, I suggest ways of slowing down a faster capitalism, even using its own tools and technologies against it. Instantaneity, acceleration, intensification, and displacement cut both ways, entwining or illuminating. This is the fateful dialectic of technology that offers hope that technologies such as the Internet admit of different, even contradictory, uses and meanings. We recognize that, by thinking and writing hard, we can imprint ourselves on technologies that otherwise invade us as secret writing composed by authors and committees who don’t have our best interests at heart.

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