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By Gary North

If the millennium is via nice uprising (Rev. 20:9-10), how can those rebels were Christians? in the event that they usually are not Christians, how can the millennium itself be Christian? what's the courting in background among saving grace and customary grace? North offers specially with the not easy query of the weak spot of the Church in background, and the facility of the God-haters in historical past. How is it that those that hate Christ appear to prosper, whereas Christians appear to be powerless?

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Van Til has closed off most of his available loopholes. He relies on one final possibility. Satan’s knowledge of God, he writes, is less clouded than man’s. This passage in Introduction to Sy%wtic Theo@y he also cites in A Letter on ‘Common Gate, so he must regard it as the key. ) Here we should again bring in the fact of the non-saving grace of God. N. ] appears very clear.. In the “case of the sinner, however, we have a mixed situation. Through God’s non-saving grace, the wrath of God on the sinner has been mitigated in this life.

This raises a very real problem for Van Til. How can he assert that God’s common grace demonstrates God’s~avor to all men in some sense, without it leading him to the obvious conclusion, namely, that God’s common grace also demonstrates God’s favor in some sense to Satan? Van Til never deals with thk problem in a straightforward manner. This is understandable, since his Christian Reformed interpretation of common grace is threatened by this fundamental question. He does assert that Satan is not an object of God’s favor.

The whole world labors under this curse (Rem. 8:18-23). Nevertheless, “all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose” (Rem. 8:28). The common curse on nature is not,a special curse on God’s people. As men, we areall under the law of the covenant and the restraint of its law,. both physical and personal law, and we can use this knowledge of law either to bring us external blessings through obedience or to rebel and bring destruction.

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