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From past ecological experiences it has turn into obvious that straightforward univariate or bivariate facts are usually irrelevant, and that multivariate statistical analyses needs to be utilized. regardless of numerous problems bobbing up from the appliance of multivariate tools, neighborhood ecology has got a mathematical framework, with 3 results: it may strengthen as an actual technology; it may be utilized operationally as a computer-assisted technological know-how to the answer of environmental difficulties; and it may trade details with different disciplines utilizing the language of arithmetic. This booklet contains the invited lectures, in addition to operating crew reviews, at the NATO workshop held in Roscoff (France) to enhance the applicability of this new technique numerical ecology to express ecological problems.

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19 20 35 To calculate similarity based on binary variables is a trivial matter but it is worth noting that the information given by all (~) tables like Table 3 can be assembled into a single symmetric matrix A, as in Table 5, whose off-diagonal values are aij and whose diagonal values are Xi. diagonal of A contains the number of sites with species i. Thus the ith We then have that bij+cij = xi+xj-2aij and dij=p+aij-xi-Xj which allow all coefficients in the families Se and Te to be calculated. 2.

For i=2 and 3). As with biplots of a quantitative table we could plot O'i%Ui and Ui%Vi and this would give an ordination in which the inner-product between the ith row and jth column points would give a least squares approximation to (12). If we wish to approximate the distances between rows of (11) we would plot uiui and Vi, and for column-distances (UiJuiVi). The row and column distances of (12) have no great interest but there is another representation where they do have and this arises from the ecological problem of associating scores with the rows (species) and columns (sites) in the hope of finding ecological gradients.

This is clearly impossible in a Euclidean space. As d increases D moves away from the mid-points but must still occupy three positions simultaneously, until a true Euclidean representation occurs when d=2/J3 and D coincides with the centroid of ABC. As d increases further, D moves out of the plane of ABC to give a normal three-dimensional Euclidean representation of the tetrahedron. I Consider the similarity coefficients and Te = Se = a+e(b+c) a+d a+d+e(b+c) e ~ 0 The family Te excludes negative-matches and the family 8e includes them.

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