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He supports this by pointing out that black surface gravel shows the effects of spalling more frequently than lighter rock fragments. He also quotes descriptions by KAISER(1925) of angular fragments from disintegrated quartz veins that fitted each other when pieced together, More recently, SUGDEN (1964) suggested that the facets found on ventifacts originate by fracturing, “partly attributable t o diurnal heating and cooling, but ordinarily following flaws initiated otherwise”. BRUCKNER (1966) attributes much 1 See Glossary.

1967). The horizontal strata figured by McKee and his colleagues is often overlain by rippled, foresetted and convolutely laminated sands; scour and fill structures are also present. 24. Wind-blown sand o n l y partly removed by flowing water. East of Tripoli, Libya. 25. Thin pebble layer deposited by Rowing water which only sculptured the previously deposited aeolian sand. Wadi Ouenine, Libya. horizontal bedding is considered to be characteristic of rapid flow, whereas climbing ripple lamination, convolute structures, festoon bedding and scoured surfaces are thought to result from a decrease in velocity during the waning stages of the flood.

127. RESISTANCE OF AEOLIAN SAND TO EROSION BY WATER 39 DESERT SEDIMENTATION IN AREAS OF LOW RELIEF Desert sedimentation occurs in areas of relatively low relief. 16 and 17, in continental basins formed by crustal downwarping, subsiding fault blocks or areas which have been earlier lowered by a period of intense deflation. 22 shows the eastern edge of the Djofra Graben in Libya (Enclosure 4). The highland area to the east is one of erosion and wind or wadi transport. At the escarpment edge, each wadi spreads its sediments out into an alluvial fan which coalesces at its margins with the neighbouring fans.

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