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By Sergio Scalise, Irene Vogel

The research of compounds is presently on the focal point in lots of components of either theoretical and utilized linguistics. This quantity brings jointly contributions by means of specialists eager about a variety of such components, in response to numerous various languages – spoken and signed. the truth that compound structures are on the interface of many of the parts of language – morphology, syntax, phonology, and semantics – makes them perfect trying out grounds for types of grammatical structure, as obvious in a few those chapters. The breadth and intensity of the assurance of themes, in addition to the unified bibliography, make this quantity a uncomplicated reference resource for these drawn to present theoretical in addition to experimental methods to compounding, and therefore to theoretical linguists in addition to psycholinguists and researchers in comparable fields of cognitive technology.

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Pota midinanlang sabun. ’ b. Mitambunanta nang basura. ’ (12) Mohawk a. kahseriie’táneren’ ‘It is string-tied’ = ‘It is tied up with string’ b. onke’nionhsókha’ ‘I nose-leak’ = I have a runny nose’ c. ’ It is well known that the semantic relationships between the constituents of nounnoun compounds are not generally predictable. The non-heads of English endocentric noun-noun compounds, for example, need only be ‘appropriately classificatory’ in the sense of Downing (1977). Relationships between members of synthetic compounds are generally thought to be more constrained: the verbal element ‘usually determines unequivocally the meaning of the compound, thus ruling out other readings’ (Scalise 1984: 90).

The roles of incorporated nouns are not limited, however, to those which could be interpreted as syntactic arguments. They are, furthermore, semantically heterogeneous: often semantic patients or goals, but also instruments, locations, and others more difficult to specify.  Marianne Mithun (11) Kapampangan a. Pota midinanlang sabun. ’ b. Mitambunanta nang basura. ’ (12) Mohawk a. kahseriie’táneren’ ‘It is string-tied’ = ‘It is tied up with string’ b. onke’nionhsókha’ ‘I nose-leak’ = I have a runny nose’ c.

Gripanare clutch-on-er *givutare give-out-er c. *gripare an clutch-er on *givare ut give-er out (violates Input Correspondence) (violates Linear Correspondence) (violates Quantitative Correspondence) d. *gripare anare *givare utare clutch-er on-er give-er out-er We assume that the grammar of a language can specify for specific affixes that the mapping principles can be violated, but crucially only when there is no alternative that satisfies the mapping principles, and even then violations are minimised (see Ackema and Neeleman 2004).

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