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By Jamie Peck, Helga Leitner, Eric Sheppard

Neoliberalism's "market revolution"--realized via practices like privatization, deregulation, economic devolution, and workfare programs--has had a transformative impact on modern towns. the implications of market-oriented politics for city lifestyles were generally studied, yet much less consciousness has been given to how grassroots teams, nongovernmental enterprises, and revolutionary urban administrations are battling again. In case reviews written from a number of theoretical and political views, this e-book examines how struggles round such concerns as reasonable housing, public companies and area, local sustainability, dwelling wages, workers' rights, reasonable exchange, and democratic governance are reshaping city political geographies in North the USA and round the world.

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2000). The battles in Seattle: Microgeographies of resistance and the challenge of building alternative futures. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 18, 5–13. , & Targ, H. (2004). From living wages to family wages? New Political Science, 26, 71–98. ” More than an academic exercise, there are significant lessons from history (and geography) in stories of the ascendancy of neoliberalism, which we argue was politically produced in (and across) a range of “local” settings before it acquired a more diffuse ideological form in synthesis with multiple sources of state and social power.

1992). Contours of a spatialized politics: Homeless vehicles and the production of geographical scale. Social Text, 33, 55–81. Sziarto, K. M. (2003). Faith vs. neoliberalism? Religion–labor networks, neoliberalized spaces, and workers’ practices. Unpublished manuscript. , & Glassman, J. (2000). The battles in Seattle: Microgeographies of resistance and the challenge of building alternative futures. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 18, 5–13. , & Targ, H. (2004). From living wages to family wages?

Yet, bodily mobility— activists moving across boundaries to occupy spaces—is integral to place manipulation as a political strategy. The ability of social movement participants to appear unexpectedly in surprising places ahead of attempts to contain their actions has been an effective tactic at scales ranging from street demonstrations to national revolutionary movements. For example, during the Seattle anti-WTO protests participants moved to occupy strategic locations to prevent the opening of the WTO Ministerial, a tactic that was planned and orchestrated in advance through cyber-networking and activist training camps (Wainwright, Prudham, & Glassman, 2000; Wainwright, Chapter 9, this volume).

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