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This quantity, which has textbook personality, is meant to supply an in-depth advent to various theoretical and methodological learn frameworks fascinated by the position of item-specific grammatical and lexical behaviour.

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In probably the most influential generativist approach to this issue, the Agreement-Tense Omission model (ATOM), Wexler (1998) suggests that while children have correctly set the tense and agreement parameters of their language from a very early stage, they are subject to a unique checking constraint in early development which means one of these features may be optionally underspecified. This theory makes a number of predictions that are seemingly borne out by the evidence. First, that in languages in which subjects can be dropped (‘pro-drop’ languages), the rate of OI errors will be very low because children do not have to deal with checking the agreement feature on the subject.

Critiques of pattern grammar 7. ‘Adding value’ to patterns 8. Construction grammar 9. Conclusion References Frames, constructions, and FrameNet 1. Grammar for the lexicon 2. FrameNet as a lexical resource 3. 4 Annotations 4. Grammar work-arounds 5. Toward constructions 6. Case study: A sample text 7. 6 Conjunctions and Conjunction Reduction 8. Summary 9. Conclusion References The valency approach to argument structure constructions 1. Valency and the interaction of lexis and grammar 2. 6 Complement inventory 3.

4 Subjects – but no “objects” 4. 2 Valency constructions 5. 5 The creative potential of argument structure constructions 6. The valency approach and the theory of argument structure constructions References Collostructional analysis: A case study of the English into-causative 1. Introduction 2. Theoretical and descriptive background 3. Simple collexeme analysis 4. Distinctive collexeme analysis 5. Co-varying collexeme analysis 6. Negative collexeme analysis 7. Summary and outlook References Lexico-grammatical patterns, pragmatic associations and discourse frequency 1.

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