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An Introduction to the Nature and Functions of Language, Second Edition

A entire consultant to the character of language and an advent to linguistic research. it is a fresh version of «An creation to the character and services of Language», the bestselling English Language textbook. With accomplished insurance of the character of language and linguistic research, this booklet is ideal for these learning language for the 1st time.

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A useful consultant to the area of excellent grammar which breaks down the obstacles that hinder such a lot of articulate, clever humans from speaking successfully. settling on up a publication on grammar takes braveness, however the learner can take middle from the truth that some of the nice writers, together with Charlotte Bronte, have been hopeless at grammar in school.

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Hence, in a null discourse context the presuppositions of a restrictive modifier analysis of a phrase will not be met. 9 This favors a main clause analysis (21a), not a reduced relative clause analysis (21b), and an argument analysis (22a), not a modifier analysis (22b). (21) a. The horse raced past the barn. b. The horse raced past the barn fell. (22) a. The woman hit [the man] [with a hat]. b. The woman hit [the man with a hat]. < previous page page_22 next page > < previous page page_23 next page > Page 23 But the data on this issue are far from clear.

John ate the broccoli naked. John ate the broccoli raw. The final interpretation preference data for ambiguous adjunct sentences show a somewhat unstable object preference. Imagine that subject-adjunct sentences have the structure in (14a) and object-adjunct sentences the structure in (15b). < previous page page_38 next page > < previous page page_39 next page > Page 39 What we would expect in this case is a consistent preference for the low attachment in (15b) because of Late Closureand thus a consistent object-adjunct preference and slow reading times for subject-adjunct sentences, where a revision of analysis will be required.

The syntactic processor must rapidly fix the properties of the lexical items in the input string in some manner consistent with a syntactically well formed analysis of previous items. < previous page page_46 next page > < previous page page_47 next page > Page 47 It is desirable, we think, to turn the usual assumption of lexically driven syntactic processing on its head: rapid construction of a single syntactic analysis of the input may be motivated in large part by the need to rapidly find a single lexical description of the input string that is globally consistent with all prior syntactic context.

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