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Both the complex mechanical and damage characteristics can also make the optimization design for composites very difficult. Because of lacking enough data cumulation and available standards, the composite design efficiency usually depends on the designer’s experiences and the final structures are easily prone to be over-designed [4]. Another important problem for composites is that they are susceptible to impact damages due to the lack of reinforcement in the out-of-plane direction. In a high energy impact, only small total penetration appears in composites.

Most previous publications on the subject have been focused on 3D elastic wave propagation analysis in composite materials consisting of an elastic matrix and spherical elastic inclusions (for example, see [6,7]). Aligned and randomly oriented ellipsoidal elastic inclusions have been considered in [8-10] under the assumption that the wavelength is sufficiently long compared to the dimensions of the individual inclusions (quasi-static limit). As special cases, the results for a random distribution of cracks and penny-shaped inclusions can be derived from those for ellipsoidal inclusions.

Different inclusion masses are involved into analysis by the changing of parameter  0 . At normal L-wave incidence on the inclusion (antisymmetric problem) K I  K III  0, and the mode-II dynamic stress intensity factor K II does not vary along the inclusion contour (see 34 Composites and Their Applications Figure 8). It follows from the Figure 8 that in the initial range of wave numbers K II -factor rapidly increases from a zero value, what is more pronounced for the inclusions of large mass.

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