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By V. A. Vassiliev

This publication reports a wide category of topological areas, a lot of which play a massive position in differential and homotopy topology, algebraic geometry, and disaster conception. those comprise areas of Morse and generalized Morse capabilities, iterated loop areas of spheres, areas of braid teams, and areas of knots and hyperlinks. Vassiliev develops a normal approach for the topological research of such areas. one of many principal effects here's a method of knot invariants extra robust than all identified polynomial knot invariants. additionally, a deep relation among topology and complexity concept is used to procure the simplest identified estimate for the numbers of branchings of algorithms for fixing polynomial equations. during this revision, Vassiliev has extra a piece at the fundamentals of the speculation and category of adorns, details on functions of the topology of configuration areas to interpolation conception, and a precis of modern effects approximately finite-order knot invariants. experts in differential and homotopy topology and in complexity idea, in addition to physicists who paintings with string thought and Feynman diagrams, will locate this publication an up to date reference in this fascinating zone of mathematics.

Readership: Physicists who paintings with string concept and Feynman diagrams, and experts in differential and homotopy topology and in complexity thought.

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We use the definition of algorithm from [Smale4 ]. Recall the definition applied to problem P(m, e) . An algorithm is a finite oriented tree (graph without cycles) with nodes of the following four types (see Figure 2 in the introduction). 1) The unique input node which accepts 2m real numbers Re ai , Im al (such that (Re ad 2 + (Ima,)2 < 1). 2) Computing nodes: at each of these certain real rational functions are computed from the input values and the values of similar functions computed at other computing nodes above the given one in the algorithm.

Suppose the number m admits a decomposition into the sum of t powers of a prime number p: m = ml + + mt, where mi = p ki . Let a be an interior point of the polydisk %m corre- sponding to a polynomial that has exactly t geometrically distinct roots with multiplicities ml, ... , mt. Let U c %m be a small spherical neighborhood of a , and fu be the restriction of the covering fm to the preimage of the domain U - 1. THEOREM. The homological ±Z-genus of the covering fU is equal to m + 1-t. 1 of this chapter.

Then for sufficiently small e the topological complexity of our problem is no less than the genus of this fibration minus 1. §3. 1. Statement of results. 1. THEOREM. The topological complexity of the problem P(m, e) of finding all roots of a polynomial (4) with accuracy e for sufficiently small e and any prime p satisfies the estimate T(m, e) > m - DP(m), where DP(m) is the same as in formula (2). COROLLARY. T(m) > m - log2(m + 1) . 2. THEOREM. For any E > 0, T(m, e) <. m - 1. COROLLARY. If l7Z is a power of a prime number then T(m, e) = m - 1 .

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