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By Hong Luo, Yanqi Wu, Chittaranjan Kole

This ebook comprises the main accomplished experiences at the newest improvement of switchgrass examine together with the agronomy of the plant, using endophytes and mycorrhizae for biomass construction, genetics and breeding of bioenergy similar qualities, molecular genetics and molecular breeding, genomics, transgenics, processing, bioconversion, biosystem and chemical engineering, biomass construction modeling, economics of switchgrass feedstock creation and so on. The ebook could be of curiosity and nice price to the switchgrass study groups in either academia and and a instruction manual for agronomists, geneticists, breeders, molecular biologists, physiologists, biosystems engineers and chemical engineers.

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When the authors projected field production for 10 years, farm-gate delivery costs were reduced to $46 Mg−1. They concluded that, with experience, farmers could achieve switchgrass production costs of $40 to $55 Mg–1. 16 L–1 (Perrin et al. 2008). Land and other production costs have increased since the regional field scale study was completed. Perrin et al. 5 Mg ha–1, respectively. Farm-gate costs in growing switchgrass for bioenergy are largely variable with respect to yield, with approximately 25% of total costs being fixed (Perrin et al.

McFarland, J. L. P. Muir. 2001. Nutrient movement and removal in a switchgrass biomass-filter strip system treated with dairy manure. J. Env. Qual. 30: 210–216. A. P. B. Mitchell. 2011. Field-scale soil property changes under switchgrass managed for bioenergy. GCB Bioen. x. P. B. E. M. K. Perrin. 2006. Establishment stand thresholds for switchgrass grown as a bioenergy crop. Crop Sci. 46: 157–161. P. B. K. Perrin. 2008. Net energy of cellulosic ethanol from switchgrass. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 105: 464–469.

1999). Researchers have also selected for increased tillering of seedlings, which may be useful in the development of divergent genotypes, but this has not been a successful approach for improving plant establishment or yield (Smart et al. 2003, 2004). Switchgrass is a determinate plant and it produces multiple tillers that become reproductive after exposure to the right environmental signals. Biomass accumulation comes to an end in conjunction with inflorescence development. Research suggests that daylength is the chief signal for floral development, although this response may not be completely under photoperiod control (Esbroeck et al.

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