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By Adeline Patard, Frank Brisard

This quantity addresses difficulties of semantics in regards to the research of annoying and element (TA) markers in numerous languages, together with Arabic, Croatian, English, French, German, Russian, Thai, and Turkish. Its major curiosity is going out to epistemic makes use of of such markers, wherein epistemic modality is known as indicating “a measure of compatibility among the modal global and the authentic global” (Declerck). All contributions, additionally, take on those difficulties from a kind of cognitive viewpoint, with a few of them insisting at the have to offer a unifying reason for all utilization varieties, temporal and non-temporal, and them all accepting the basis that the semantics of TA different types basically refers to subjective, instead of target, issues. the quantity additionally represents one of many first makes an attempt to collect debts of TA marking (in a variety of languages) which are explicitly set in the framework of Cognitive Grammar. eventually, this quantity goals to give a contribution to developing an knowledge that modal which means parts are without delay correct to the research of the grammar of time.

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5. Epistemic modality a. We speak of epistemic modality when the degree of compatibility (or overlap) between the modal world and the factual world is at stake. Epistemic utterances express the speaker’s evaluation of the relation between the modal world in which the residue situation actualizes and the factual world. Thus, Bill may be stuck in a traffic jam expresses that the situation of Bill being stuck in a traffic jam is possibly actualizing in the factual world. 4. Envisage actually refers to something weaker than prediction.

Another distinction we can make is that between ‘narrow t-worlds’ and ‘extended t-worlds’. A narrow t-world is a t-world comprising all the situations that are actualizing at a given time t. Tensed propositions can only be true of such a world if the tense represents the (actualization of the) situation referred to as simultaneous with t. An extended t-world is a world comprising all the situations that are actualizing at t or have actualized before t. Various tenses can be used to represent the actualization of a situation as factual in an extended t-world.

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