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In Coastal Dhofari Arabic: A comic strip Grammar, Richard Davey offers an in depth description of a hitherto overlooked Arabic dialect present in southern Oman. formerly recorded by means of Rhodokanakis, as a part of the sudarabische day trip of the Austrian Imperial Academy, the dialect offered the following bargains a particular account of the daily language spoken through the ancient sedentary, coastal group. utilizing facts accrued in the course of 2010-2012, Richard Davey offers an outline of the phonology, morphology and syntax of this style. as well as this, a lexicon of coastal Dhofari Arabic is equipped, besides a dialogue of its grammaticalized good points. it's a well timed account of a dialect that's endangered because of improvement, modernization, and the ensuing social alterations in Dhofar."

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It may also be that his informant was more forthcoming with poetical texts. Despite these methodological difficulties, it is the lack of background information on the main informant which undermines the authenticity of the study as an accurate representation of widespread dialect of Dhofari Arabic. The obvious difficulties of carrying out fieldwork in the region, exemplified in the südarabische Expedition of the late 19th century, lead to the conclusion that Rhodokanakis’ study was at the forefront of linguistic research at that time.

In 2015, the buildings and infrastructure that constituted the heart of this community were demolished to make way for redevelopment of this shoreline area, and the remaining members of the community were dispersed across the wider Salalah area. 5 The precise origins and position of the Modern South Arabian languages is beyond the scope of this study, but a more detailed discussion can be found in Rubin (2008: 61–84). 6 Accurate estimations of speaker numbers in Dhofar for these languages are difficult to make, as Omani census data does not record language data, and the majority of Mehri speakers are found in the Governorate of Mahra in Yemen.

This situation did not arise in practice, but awareness of this potential influence was important. uk (last accessed 06/01/2016). 12 Speakers were recorded using both msa and English as the language of elicitation, and an early comparative analysis of the results did not raise any major difficulties with this approach. One positive aspect of using msa was that it eliminated the influence of my own spoken Arabic, which was notably influenced by Egyptian Arabic at that time. As with the Romani Project questionnaire, the structure of the adapted version for this study consisted of three main data types: a basic lexicon consisting of around 300 items, a series of conjugated verb paradigms, and over 750 individual sample phrases.

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