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By Thalia Dragonas, Faruk Birtek

Citizenship and the country kingdom in Greece and Turkey brings jointly papers on a transdisciplinary discussion on state formation in Greece and Turkey as successor states of the Ottoman Empire, and on elements of civil society within the countries.The quantity is split into elements: 'Empire and geographical region' and 'Nation and Civil Society' and covers concerns similar to Turkish and Greek nationalism, the formation of the Greek nation, the effect of the Greek warfare of Independence in remodeling the Ottoman Empire, civil society in Greece through the post-World struggle II interval, the idea that of citizenship so far as the rights of girls are involved in Greece and in Turkey, and the creation and replica of kingdom within the academic discourse.

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311, also adopting in his turn the Thucycidian distinction, maintains that the Greek war ‘had the characteristics of revolution in the overturning of the regime and the characteristics of defection since Greece defected from the Ottoman empire which controlled it’, and, for this reason, he uses both these terms without differentiation. , T␱ ␶C␭␱␵ ␶␻␯ ‘␶␨␣⑂␫b␯’. K␱␫␯␻␯c␣ ⑂␣␫ ␲␱␭␫␶␫⑂d ␴␶␩␯ A␹␣h␣ ␶␱␷ 19␱␷ ␣␫b␯␱␵ [The Last of the Great Families: Society and Politics in Achaia in the Nineteenth Century] (Athens: Themelio, 1991), p.

The failures which Greek foreign policy registered during the Crimean War in 1850 and the Cretan revolution of the 1860s demonstrate its limits, but also those of the military organization of the state itself. 46 The formation of the state in Greece, 1830–1914 29 The Balkan issue will play a catalytic role in state organization. 47 If O. Hintze, possibly influenced by his origins, considered military organization as the basic variable in state formation, C. 49 Furthermore, the good housekeeping attributed to the Ottonian period was not simply an idiosyncrasy of the king, but a product of a different perception of the state concerning geo-political relations and state administration.

15 For a discussion of territory and nationalism, see the essays in Hooson, D. ), Geography and National Identity (Oxford: Blackwell, 1994). , Ozveren, E. and Quataert, D. , ‘Peripheral Port Cities and Politics on the Eve of the Great War’, New Perspectives on Turkey, 20, Spring (1999). 17 This is the paradox of the right to cabotage (national monopoly of internal maritime traffic) celebrated every year as one of the great nationalist achievements, which, however, left the country without a merchant or passenger fleet.

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