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Sleek know-how has made attainable epidemiological reviews that relate points of neonatal future health to disorder in grownup existence. This symposium is the 1st to attract jointly details from this new examine sector. Explores hyperlinks among early progress and the chance of hypertension, stroke and heart sickness in grownup existence; negative development of infants and insufficient development and food of moms; and degrees of blood ldl cholesterol and clotting elements. different chapters contemplate the connections among early nutrients and grownup immunocompetence and threat of allergic ailments; severe sessions within the improvement of either the mind and visible method; and attainable origins of schizophrenia. Examines the implications of difficult early reviews for grownup psychosocial functioning.


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Summary The data presented here indicate that the fetus has powerful adaptive responses to oxygen deprivation stress, using baroreceptor and chemoreceptor reflexes as well as adrenally derived circulating catecholamines and autoregulatory mechanisms. A better understanding of the fetal responses to chronic stresses is needed. This knowledge is crucial to our understanding of the relationship between the first line survival defences described here, and the differential growth of the fetal organism with its life-long sequelae.

Collectively, these and many other animal studies provide convincing evidence that nutrition at a critical or sensitive period in early life may influence a wide variety of metabolic, developmental and pathological processes in adulthood. Dietary programming in man: previous studies Unfortunately, the great majority of investigations on the consequences of early nutrition in man have been retrospective and flawed by problems with study design. The largest category of study in this field relates to early protein-calorie malnutrition and later achievement (Grantham-McGregor 1987).

Moxon: The idea, in at least a subpopulation of women with large placentas and low birth weight infants, of a role of congenital infection would be worth following up. Wood: Are there any histopathological studies in relation to the models of hypoxic stress that you describe, Dr Thornburg? I am thinking particularly of the brain, which experiences an increased or protected blood flow. In clinical practice, in the low birth weight preterm baby, some of the circulatory events which may take place, such as bradycardia and hypoxaemia, are not dissimilar from these models, and one is always concerned about periventricular and intraventricular haemorrhages being related to changes in blood pressure and hence cerebral blood flow.

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