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By John Warwick Montgomery

"Studies in Polemical Theology, Jurisprudence and Canon Law." Fifteen essays and 4 booklet reports protecting faith and legislations, social ethics, and the defence of Christian religion. contains "Modern Theology and modern criminal conception: A story of Ideological Collapse," Can Blasphemy legislations Be Justified?" and "The Embryo Cloning threat in eu Context."

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See John Warwick Montgomery, "Luther, Libraries, and Learning," 32/2 Library Quarterly [University of Chicago] (April 1962), reprinted in John Warwick Montgomery, In Defense of Martin Luther (Milwaukee, WI: Northwestern, 1970), pp. 114-39. 2. "'Canon law' refers to the body of ecclesiastical rules or laws imposed by [church] authority in matters of faith, morals, and discipline" ("Canon Law," Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, ed. L. Cross [New York: Oxford University Press, 1957]). 3. See Duncan B.

Any deconstruction gratuitously assumes the objective comprehensibility of the deconstructor's analysis, but logically that interpretation should possess no greater objectivity of meaning than the text which is the subject of the interpretation. In short, do we really know what Derrida means? 16 III. SO IS CANON LAW BUT THE JURIDICAL MIRROR-IMAGE OF DIVINE, REVEALED LAW? We have discovered the inadequacy of the two most common contemporary objections to the notion of canon law norms as justified merely by their conformity to divine law objectively revealed: that the Scriptures provide no single, consistent theology able to serve as a canonical standard, and that Tradition, as interpreter of Scripture, never provides a final revelational understanding upon which theology or canon law can base its pronouncements.

24 VI. THE NEO-KANTIANS, CLS, AND JURISPRUDENCE DECONSTRUCTED In the face of existential theology's inability to arrive at any objective principles, Paul Tillich went back to Schelling and rationalistic ontology in his vain search for extrabiblical theological foundations. Similarly, the most influential political philosophers and rights analysts of our time (John Rawls, Alan Gewirth) have attempted to develop along neo-Kantian lines a substitute for discredited natural-law theories and inadequate positivisms.

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