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Our appetites or our urges or even other people’s opinions were more powerful than our soul. Most of us never really learned about the infinite energy of Spirit, so we continued to put — Table of Contents — 43 Christ in Training our focus on the power of the ego. Remember, the ego thinks it is alone, and so it has to do everything. We live in a world where the ego thinks its IT. It thinks it is who you are. s 44 v s Necessity for Training I Become My Ego our education continues, we hear about the As Spirit or the spiritual part of ourselves from church, and other sources, but we are taught to identify with the ego.

Even in the most benign of situations, egos can come in conflict with one another. For example, after a child is born and for some time afterward, in most average, loving homes, there is a sense of wonder and reverence around the new baby. The most insignificant things like pooping, sneezing and smiling are looked upon with exaggerated excitement, but after 6 months or so, the tasks of changing diapers, feeding, and cleaning-up begin to produce a bit of ennui or resentment. You might know you should not feel this way but you do.

Reacting to the ego with anger or fear simply produces more anger and fear. Sometimes we can choose to perceive our ego as a three year old (which it is in many ways). We might like to think our ego has matured a little over the years, but most of the time it is still three. So, let us suppose your “inner three year old” is acting up. It is frightened or angry, and it wants to get it its way. That is OK; it is just being a typical three year old. We do not have to — Table of Contents — 57 Christ in Training get angry or fearful back at it.

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