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By James W. Sire

The writer weaves the tale of Chris Chrisman's freshman 12 months with chapters on individualism, privatization, relativism, and pluralism, aiding readers imagine during the tangle which confronts Christians and non-Christians alike at the collage campus.

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7 But all religions do not boil down to the same thing. Many claims of every religion are incompatible with claims of other religions. Take the notion of fundamental reality. Every religion answers this basic question: What is prime reality? That is, what is now, always was and always will be? For Christians, Jews and Muslims the answer is the infinite-personal God who for his own good purposes created the universe. Hindus say it is the impersonal God (Brahman) from whom all transient reality emanates.

Campbell summarizes "myth's one great story" this way: "That we have come forth from the one ground of being as manifestations in the field of time. The field of time is a kind of shadow play over a timeless ground,"8 Then he takes this basic mythic pattern and interprets it under tile categories suggested to him by psychologist C. G. Jung, reducing both religion and myth to psychology. "10 And Campbell does reject the notion of the FalL So even the most popular exponent of the notion that all myths—all religions—are basically one has to make a very major concession.

It holds that there is nothing essential in the world outside ourselves that we access by either our rational mind or our senses. Our senses apprehend phenomena, but these phenomena do not transmit to us the essences of the objects we are apprehending. Moreover, these phenomena themselves are not solid categories. What we call a tree is different for each of us, because tree is a label for phenomena that are multiple and always in flux. Names are as insubstantial as phenomena. Yet we human beings form languages that give us practical access to each other and die power to control our external environment4 Indeed, we form lots of languages.

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