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By Thomas Finley, John A. Montgomery

Content material:
Chapter 1 Alkyl? or Aryl?Monosubstituted 1,2,3?Triazoles (pages 1–18):
Chapter 2 Alkyl? or Aryl?Disubstituted 1,2,3?Triazoles (pages 19–62):
Chapter three Alkyl? or Aryl?Trisubstituted 1,2,3?Triazoles (pages 63–87):
Chapter four 1,2,3?Triazolecarboxylic Acids and Their sensible Derivatives (pages 88–132):
Chapter five Formyl? and Acyl?1,2,3?Triazoles (pages 133–156):
Chapter 6 Amino? and Amido?1,2,3?Triazoles (pages 157–176):
Chapter 7 Azido?, Azo?, Diazo?, Triazeno?and Nitro?1,2,3?Triazoles (pages 177–184):
Chapter eight O?Substituted Oxy? and S?Substituted Thio? or Sulfonyl?1,2,3?Triazoles (pages 185–197):
Chapter nine Halo?1,2,3?Triazoles (pages 198–203):
Chapter 10 1,2,3?Triazoles Containing multiple consultant functionality (pages 204–235):
Chapter eleven Alkyl? or Aryl??2?(or ?4)?1,2,3?Triazolines (pages 236–244):
Chapter 12 Miscellaneous ?2 ?1,2,3?Triazolines (pages 245–262):
Chapter thirteen ?2 (or ?3)?1,2,3?Triazolin?5 (or 4)?Ones (pages 263–269):
Chapter 14 ?3 (or ?2)?1,2,3?Triazolin?5?Ones Containing multiple consultant functionality (pages 270–275):
Chapter 15 Bi? and Bis[1,2,3?Triazoles and 1,2,3?Triazolines] (pages 276–291):
Chapter sixteen 1,2,3?Triazolium, Triazolinium and Meso?Ionic Compounds (pages 292–311):
Chapter 17 complicated 1,2,3?Triazoles on the topic of useful functions (pages 312–342):

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R PhCONHCH,CO,H Nalz. '* N-methyl1,2,3-triazoles can be prepared by alkylation although both 1- and 2-methyl products are formed (Eq. 1-9 62% ehh qNY (9) I Me 38O/o The acid catalyzed condensation of N,N-dimethylaniline with the formyl group (Eq. ''' The generality of this reaction should be examined. 1-11)may be obtained in high yield from the reaction of 3-acetamidopyridine with cyanogen bromide and anilines followed by diazotization (Eq. l l ) . 16 qNHAC + ArNH,+BrCN I Ar Na. N& ___, HBr Ar = Ph, 4-MePh, 4-Et2NPh,4-N02Ph, etc.

2-2 (Eq. 14). 2-3). 2-2 40% L‘abb6 and his collaborators have also demonstrated the importance of electronic effects in the synthesis of 1-vinyl-1,2,3-triazoles by adding azides tu either acetylenes (Eq. 15) or active methylene compounds (Eq. 2-5. This very productive group has pioneered the excellent general method for 1,5-disubstituted-l,2,3-triazoles involving phosphorus ylides (Eq. ’’ The high yields and wide range of substituents employed makes this method most attractive. Product structures were demonstrated by the Dimroth addition and decarboxylation (Eq.

3. 3. O]hex-2-yl)-2-phenyI-, [IS-(la, 2a,5a)l2-(1,3-dioxo-2-ethyl-l H-benz[de]isoquinolin-2H6-yl)-4-ethyl2,4-diphenyl- 2-[4-(1,3-diphenyl-2-imidazolidinyl)-3-hydroxyphen yll-4-phen yl- 4-(4-C-~-4-(4-C-~-erythmyl)-2-phenyl4-(4-C-~-erythrosyl)-2-phenyl-. phenylhydrazone 4-(l-~-eryfhro-1,2,3-tnhydroxypropyl)-2-phenyl2424l-ethyl-2-oxo-lH-benz[cd]indol-6-yl) 2H-benzo- triazol-5-yl]-4-phenyl- 50 71: 81762111, 77: 114720e 77: 114720e 71: 81672m 71: 81672111 71: 81672111 71: 81672111 71: 81672111 69: 27660b 79: 66704v 73: 31627w 71: 81672111 71: 81672m 85: 77337~ 68: P59611g 71: 81672111 71: 81672111 43: 2619c 43: 2619c 77: 165027s 7 9 66254y n: 165027s.

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