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By Steven S. Zumdahl

Authors Steven and Susan Zumdahl provide all of the parts teachers want for his or her normal chemistry direction. they bring about a conceptual method of chemistry and combine problem-solving abilities all through, assisting scholars transition from thought to perform. a robust emphasis on types, real-world purposes, and visible studying prevails through the textual content. The 7th version seamlessly integrates the strengths of the Zumdahl method via a entire and interwoven print and expertise application. stronger pattern workouts, on-line homework difficulties, and school room reaction approach content material support teachers examine conceptual realizing and problem-solving abilities, whereas new animations and photographs help visible studying. moreover, Houghton Mifflin deals implementation prone via our TeamUP software to assist teachers and scholars get the main out of the textual content and its vitamins.

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For example, we can write g/cm3 or g cmϪ3. Although we will use the former system here, the other system is widely used. To identify the unknown substance, we must determine its density. 00 cm3 This density corresponds exactly to that of isopropyl alcohol, which is therefore the most likely main component of the cleaner. However, note that the density of ethanol is also very close. To be sure that the compound is isopropyl alcohol, we should run several more density experiments. 56. Besides being a tool for the identification of substances, density has many other uses.

Water containing dissolved minerals behaves in much the same way. As the water is boiled off, the minerals remain behind as nonvolatile solids. Simple distillation of seawater using the sun as the heat source is an excellent way to desalinate (remove the minerals from) seawater. However, when a mixture contains several volatile components, the one-step distillation does not give a pure substance in the receiving flask, and more elaborate methods are required. Another method of separation is simple filtration, which is used when a mixture consists of a solid and a liquid.

5 Significant Figures and Calculations Calculating the final result for an experiment usually involves adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing the results of various types of measurements. Since it is very important that the uncertainty in the final result is known correctly, we have developed rules for counting the significant figures in each number and for determining the correct number of significant figures in the final result. Rules for Counting Significant Figures 1. Nonzero integers. Nonzero integers always count as significant figures.

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