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By Felix K. Ameka, Alan Dench, Nicholas Evans

Descriptive grammars are our major automobile for documenting and analysing the linguistic constitution of the world's 6,000 languages. they convey jointly, in a single position, a coherent remedy of ways the full language works, and for that reason shape the first resource of data on a given language, consulted by means of quite a lot of clients: areal experts, typologists, theoreticians of any a part of language (syntax, morphology, phonology, ancient linguistics etc.), and contributors of the speech groups involved. The writing of a descriptive grammar is an incredible highbrow problem, that calls at the grammarian to stability a recognize for the language's distinct genius with an wisdom of the way different languages paintings, to mix rigour with clarity, to depict structural regularities whereas respecting a corpus of genuine fabric, and to symbolize anything of the local speaker's competence whereas recognising the difference inherent in any speech neighborhood. regardless of a up to date surge of expertise of the necessity to record little-known languages, there is not any e-book that focusses at the manifold concerns that face the writer of a descriptive grammar. This quantity brings jointly members who procedure the matter from more than a few angles. such a lot have written descriptive grammars themselves, yet others symbolize types of reader. one of the issues they tackle are: total problems with grammar layout, the complementary roles of outsider and local speaker grammarians, the stability among grammar and lexicon, cross-linguistic comparison, the function of clarification in grammatical description, the interaction of thought and a number fieldwork equipment in language description, the demanding situations of describing languages of their cultural and ancient context, and the tensions among linguistic particularity, validated perform of specific colleges of linguistic description and the necessity for a universally commensurable analytic framework. This booklet will renew the sector of grammaticography, addressing a a number of readership of descriptive linguists, typologists, and formal linguists, by means of bringing jointly a number of distinct practitioners from worldwide to deal with those questions.

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Given that digital files are inexpensive to update compared with grammars published in book form, they also provide a degree of temporal flexibility. There are two obvious and clearly related practical challenges arising from this high level of flexibility – version control and internal analytical consistency. The problem of version control is typically not one faced by the grammarian, though it is understood by any lexicographer. The dictionary of a language is never finished: there are always new words to add, new meanings to describe for words already listed, and reanalyses of previously listed forms to be presented.

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