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By Laura J. Downing

This publication considers the interplay of morphological and phonological determinants of linguistic shape and the measure to which one determines the opposite. It considers the operation of canonical types, the invariant syllabic shapes of morphemes and the defining attribute of prosodic morphology. Dr Downing offers an unique conception which she exams on information from a wide selection of languages. Her booklet might be of valuable curiosity to students and complicated scholars of phonology and morphology, and of linguistic idea extra generally.

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Notice that the total reduplication candidate (6b), like the actual disyllabic Diyari output in (6a), satisWes all the constraints. McCarthy and Prince (1994a, 1994b; 1999) have argued that the disyllabic maximality constraint on Stem prosodic morphemes can be accounted for straightforwardly by the general constraint ranking schema which makes it optimal for prosodic morphemes to have less marked structure than corresponding Base morphemes. The role of markedness constraint ranking schemas in deWning canonical morpheme shapes is discussed in the next section.

Harris 1994, Itoˆ 1986), so the presence of syllables is surely unmarked. It is more plausible to consider *Strucs as a constraint of the Dep-IO family, penalizing syllable-sized strings in the output that do not occur in the input. For the reduplicative morpheme to be realized at all, Dep-IO is necessarily violated, as the reduplicative morpheme has no input string. *Strucs has the eVect of optimizing the minimal realization of the reduplicative morpheme: no more segments occur in the output than are necessary to constitute the minimal pronounceable unit in this position, namely, a syllable.

Within Romance languages, Scullen (1993) argues that French words are subject to a bimoraic minimality condition, which is consistent with the iambic stress 9 This section does not pretend to be an exhaustive survey of languages where it has been claimed that lexical words are minimally two moras or two syllables long. The goal in this section is, rather, to show that there is a match between the minimal word and the minimal stress Foot in a geographically and genetically diverse set of languages.

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