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By Hongzhang Chen

This booklet provides and summarizes the hot concepts, new tools and new achievements that experience emerged within the biotechnology of lignocellulose in recent times. It proposes new suggestions together with the first refining, fractionation, multi-level usage and selective structural separation of lignocellulose, and so on. through imminent lignocellulose as a multi-level source, biotechnology can have an important impression on ecological agriculture, bio-energy, the chemical and paper making industries, etc., finally setting up specific eco-industrial parks for lignocellulose. also, this e-book offers systematic learn equipment for the biotechnology of lignocellulose together with research tools for the first refining of lignocellulose, for microbial degradation and enzymatic hydrolysis, for cellulose fermentation and for lignocellulose conversion tactics. It bargains a very good reference paintings and consultant for scientists undertaking study on lignocellulose. Dr. Hongzhang Chen is a Professor on the Institute of strategy Engineering of the chinese language Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.

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Usually, when the primary wall grows, it thickens unevenly. There would be a thin field in the primary wall called the primary pit field. Plasmodesmata, which connect protoplasts of adjacent cells, tend to be concentrated in this field [5]. The main function of the primary cell wall is to provide structural and mechanical support, maintain and determine cell morphology, withstand cell swelling pressure, control the rate and direction of cell growth, promote plant morphogenesis, regulate material diffusion in ML, reserve carbohydrates, maintain resistance to pathogens, resist dehydration, and activate the interaction between source signal molecules and cells [6].

President established the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award in 1995, countries around the world have set up a number of awards for green chemistry, which not only promoted the development of green chemistry but also made more people recognize the significant effects of green chemistry on social progress, economic development, and the chemical industry itself. Academician Qingshi Zhu proposed that the trend of chemistry development in the twenty-first century was the chemical transformation of green plants and green chemistry [25].

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