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And recently it could be shown that cinnamic acid {ß-^^C) and /7-hydroxycinnamic acid {ß-'^^C) were incorporated into haemanthamine while benzaldehyde and /7-hydroxybenzaldehyde were not (Suhadolnik, Fischer and Zulalian, 1963). We can conclude from all these experiments that the biosythesis of C^-Ci aldehydes also occurs via the correspondingly ring substituted cinnamic acids whereas the free C^-Ci acids do not seem to be direct intermediates in this conversion. In contrast to experiments reported by Farmer, Henderson and Russell (1959) with Polystictus versicolor, higher plants do not readily reduce C^-Ci acids to C^-Ci aldehydes.

E. according to the scheme of Birch and Dono­ van. In this case a second question was still open, at which stage the hydroxy 40 G. BILLEK AND ANNELIESE SCHIMPL groups of ring Β are introduced. The choice of suitable precursors should solve this problem. -co-c4 \0-CH3 HO HO \o —(YCH^CHY/ H O O G — C H 2 V O H HO (16) (6) F i g . 4. Robinson's hypothesis on the formation of oxyresveratrol. -coumaric acid-3-i4C and umbelliferone-4-i^C. In all cases incorporation of radioactivity into oxy­ resveratrol could be observed (Table 1).

Syringic acid, which was not labelled in our original T A B L E 1. INCORPORATION R A T E S OF PHENYLALANINE (ß-^'^C) I N T O BENZOIC ACIDS IN D I F F E R E N T P L A N T T I S S U E S ( Z E N K A N D M Ü L L E R . 1 9 6 4 ) . ^ \ v . ^ ^ Tissue Acid Benzoic p-Hydroxybenzoic Protocatechuic Vanillic Syringic Tsuga canadensis Vaccinium vitis-idaea Populus trémula Hordeum vulgare — 6-2 1-4 41 — — — 005 1-2 0 0 008 1-7 — — — 0 0 0 1 Catalpa bignonioides — 0-71 — — — experiment, was formed readily using 9-day-old Triticum leaves, where this acid was found to occur, by El-Basyouni and Towers (1964).

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