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4. Infected cells in a mycorrhizal root of Armeria maritima. 4 AS 2 - Data adapted from Janitzky and Whittig (/. Soil Sei. 15, 145-154, 1964) with permission of the authors and Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore Maryland. b Chemical changes expressed in terms of mEq/100 gm soil. Values represent difference from original soil. c Values represent net loss or gain of SOJ" added to systems. 2 Na2 oU4 added (mEq/100 gm) XTr. 2 EFFECTS OF SODIUM SULFATE AND ORGANIC MATTER CONCENTRATIONS ON CHEMICAL CHANGES INDUCED DURING ANAEROBIC INCUBATION OF YOLO SOIL SAMPLES*' b 8- o Co ft ft to S> 00 The Ecology of Waterlogged Halomorphic Soils 39 (1964) suggest that fixation of atmospheric nitrogen contributed an important part of the nitrogen supply of such plants.

4 8 % NaHC0 3 % Salts ® ^ C o C O ΕΗ^3 l^^l Totalsalts NaHC0 Fig. 4. Schematic distribution of certain plant communities in central Hungary and some characteristics of their native habitats. ) 1. Lepidio Cam phorosme turn; 2.

First, since both salt composition and salt concentration differ from one habitat to another, the use of the term "salinity" is usually in its loosest meaning. In certain cases, it is not 40 4. Classification 41 the absolute amount of a certain ion which may affect plants, but rather the composition and total concentration of salts. Certain species of plants may be found in sites where the sodium chloride concentration is beyond their theoretical tolerance, but where high concentrations of calcium, potassium, or sulfate are found as supplementary ions.

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