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By Joyce Meyer

Amazing Bible instructor and writer Joyce Meyer provides sensible and robust solutions as she stocks her prior defeats with fear, frustration, and rigidity. Readers will become aware of the triumphant rules that helped her to beat those hindrances and revolutionize her lifestyles and ministry.

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I want to share my faith with you also, because I believe good health for the whole person requires a solid faith in God through Jesus Christ. He helped me through all the rough years and He restored me. God showed me what to do and led me to make positive changes. Sometimes it took me a long time to fully obey, but I can say from experience that God’s ways work. His word is filled with guidelines for good health; any person who follows them will experience good results. I want to save you the time it took me to comprehend them.

It was my way of feeling valuable. My identity was still wrapped up in my accomplishments. Always dogged by the fear of failure and the sense of worthlessness that accompanied it, I concentrated hard on success. I scheduled as much as I possibly could into every day. Sleep? Relaxation? Fun? Laughter? These were tantamount to wasted time. Besides, I did so much every day and worked so late every night that I could never get my system to slow down enough for much sleep. I fueled myself with coffee every morning to overcome the sleeplessness and keep myself going.

When the woman touched my neck, I practically jumped out of my skin. My neck was so tight and sore that I could barely stand for her to touch it. She encouraged me to bear with it and let her work the tightness out of my muscles. To my astonishment, my headache stopped. That was my introduction to massage, and believe me, I got as many as I could after that. Massage helps relax the body, circulates blood to the skin surface, pushes toxins out of the muscles, helps skin tone, and brings a sense of well-being to the whole body.

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