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Boring 38 / ________________________ (p. 10) 8. unknown 9. hello / / _____________________ (p. 26) _________________________ (p. 33) 10. underfoot / _____________________ (p. 40) 11. dangerous / ____________________ (p. 42) 5. inconsiderate / __________________ (p. 14) 12. full / ___________________________ (p. 48) 6. delight / ________________________ (p. 16) 13. hopeful 7. front / __________________________ (p. 22) 14. ashamed / ______________________ (p. 59) / _______________________ (p. com -Barclay TRG 05/25/07 9:01 PM Page 39 TORNADO NAME _____________________________ WORKING WITH WORDS DATE _____________________________ A.

_____ 9. Jim runs a couple of ________________________ for his mother. _____ 10. Jim calls the ________________________ from a small country store. com 41 -Barclay TRG 05/25/07 9:01 PM Page 42 THE PASS NAME _____________________________ SYNONYMS AND ANTONYMS DATE _____________________________ A. Circle a letter to identify the synonym (word with about the same meaning) for each boldface word. 1. Richman lofted a soft pass to a receiver in the end zone. a. hammered b. floated c. snapped 2. The big man kept the pistol aimed at Jim’s chest.

1. Where were Pam and Jack heading when they had the car accident? ________________________________________________________________________ 2. Who shot the supermarket clerk? _________________________________________ 3. What did Jack use to help Aaron breathe underwater? ________________________________________________________________________ 4. Why did Jack send money to Paul every month? ________________________________________________________________________ 5. Where was Jack’s second trial held?

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