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This monograph presents a scientific research of asymptotic types of continuum mechanics for composite buildings, that are both dilute (for instance, two-phase composite buildings with small inclusions) or densely packed (in this situation inclusions should be as regards to touching). it's in response to the result of contemporary learn and features a accomplished research of dipole and multipole fields linked to defects in solids. The textual content covers static difficulties of elasticity in dilute composites in addition to spectral difficulties. functions of the mathematical types incorporated within the booklet are in harm mechanics and in difficulties of layout of composite buildings that may be used as filters or polarisers of elastic waves.Dipole tensors are outlined in bankruptcy 1 either for scalar boundary worth difficulties for the Laplacian and for vector difficulties of elasticity. In bankruptcy 2 the dipole tensors are utilized in spectral difficulties concerning domain names with small defects. bankruptcy three introduces a multipole strategy for static difficulties (both electrostatics and elasticity) in composite buildings containing doubly periodic arrays of round inclusions. bankruptcy four provides a multipole technique for eigenvalue difficulties of electromagnetism and elasticity.

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We consider a plane-strain deformation of the domain S by a load applied at infinity in such a way that the corresponding complex potentials are given by 4>aPPi. = E(z - 1/2), i;appl. 127) where E, A are real constants. We seek the complex potentials 4>(z), tp(z) for the elastic matrix in the following form 00 00 ^) = E^-E(i^F+^- 1 /2), 00 , 00 , - *(*) = E -f - E 7rf^ - \*w+A^z ~ w - (L128> 37 Close-range contact between elastic inclusions We would like to have a central symmetry with respect to the point (1/2,0).

Then the equilibrium equation inside Ho can be expanded in powers of £ with the leading term i / r " " v '° 12 1I „W r 9_y,°> "5^ S 0. <">(uT>=i(^>). 110) we deduce that the leading-order terms of tractions on the outer and inner boundary of the interface are equal: ^(ll^lr-K = ^ ( ^ ) = ^(uP)\r=R+£. Let us now analyse the transmission condition for the displacements. 109), the displacement jump between the outer boundary (p = 1) and inner boundary (p = 0) is specified by the functions A{6) and C{6).

In the following section we give simplified formulae for the dipole matrices for the cases when the conformal mapping functions are represented by sums of three or four terms. 4 Examples Here we give examples of the dipole matrices for regions whose shapes are close to polygonal. Dipole fields in vector problems of linear 27 elasticity 1. Let the conformal mapping w(£) have just three non-zero coefficients c i , c _ i , c _ 2 . 101) H = 2(|c1|2 + |c_1|2 + 2|c_2|2), S = 4Re(c_ 1 ci), A = 2V2Im(c1c_1).

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