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By Philip Jowett, Stephen Walsh

It is a accomplished advisor to the armies that fought a devastating and decisive clash within the jap Mediterranean among the 2 international Wars of the 20 th century. From the preliminary Greek invasion, designed to "liberate" the 100,000 ethnic Greeks that lived in Western Turkey and had performed for hundreds of years, to Mustapha Kemal Ataturk's exceptionally effective formation of a countrywide govt and a typical military, this was once a conflict that formed the geopolitical panorama of the Mediterranean to this present day. It gave start to the trendy Turkish kingdom, displacing thousands and developing sour thoughts of atrocities dedicated via each side. Augmented with very infrequent photos and lovely illustrations, this ground-breaking identify explores the heritage, association, and visual appeal of the armies, either guerilla and standard, that fought during this bloody struggle.

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Greek regimental flags did not carry any distinguishing numerals to identify the unit; in the centre of the field is the image of St George slaying the dragon, and the finial is a Greek Orthodox cross. C: GREEK ARMY, 1921 C1: Sergeant, Gendarmerie; III Corps, Bursa The Greek Gendarmerie were heavily involved in protecting their army’s overextended supply lines in Asia Minor. This NCO wears the summer version of the distinctive These parading Greek infantry wear the summer version of the 1908 uniform with Adrian M1915 helmets, and present arms with Mannlicher-Schönauer rifles.

They have tight blouses, trousers with skin-tight pants and baggy seat, leather puttees and soft leather moccasins. com These Turkish irregulars, including drummers, are taking part in a victory parade in the city of Marash in the southern province of Cilicia after withstanding a siege by French and Armenian forces in February 1920. They wear the usual mix of traditional and paramilitary clothing; some have scarves wrapped around either a red fez or a white cap. At left foreground, note what seem to be German ‘disc’ hand grenades attached to the belt.

Other uniforms reportedly even came from British stores in Constantinople, thanks to officers who were privately sympathetic to the Nationalist cause. Cavalry uniforms The Turkish cavalry had by 1922 developed into the elite of the Nationalist Army, and were issued with the best available uniforms and equipment. Most wore ex-Ottoman Army uniforms or new ones based on the old regulations. Nearly all equipment and weapons were pre-1918 Turkish, although there were reports of some Romanian sabres being given to the Nationalists by the Soviets.

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