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By Grigoris Balakian, Peter Balakian

By no means ahead of in English, Armenian Golgotha is the main dramatic and entire eyewitness account of the 1st smooth genocide.

On April 24, 1915, the priest Grigoris Balakian was once arrested in addition to a few 250 different intellectuals and leaders of Constantinople’s Armenian group. It was once the start of the Ottoman Turkish government’s systematic try and cast off the Armenian humans from Turkey; it was once a crusade that endured via international battle I and the autumn of the Ottoman Empire, in which time greater than 1000000 Armenians have been annihilated and expunged from their ancient place of origin. For Grigoris Balakian, himself condemned, it was once additionally the start of a four-year ordeal in which he may endure witness to a possible unending caravan of blood.

Balakian sees his countrymen despatched in carts, on donkeys, or walking to stand definite demise within the wilderness of northern Syria. Many wouldn't even live to tell the tale the adventure, soreness hunger, affliction, mutilation, and rape, between different tortures, prior to being slaughtered en course. In those pages, he brings to lifestyles the phrases and deeds of survivors, overseas witnesses, and Turkish officers considering the bloodbath method, and in addition of these few courageous, righteous Turks, who, with a few of their German allies operating for the Baghdad Railway, resisted orders calling for the dying of the Armenians. Miraculously, Balakian manages to flee, and his flight—through wooded area and over mountain, in conceal as a railroad employee after which as a German soldier—is a suspenseful, harrowing odyssey that makes attainable his singular testimony.

Full of intelligent insights into the political, ancient, and cultural context of the Armenian genocide—the template for the following mass killings that experience forged a shadow around the 20th century and beyond—this memoir is destined to turn into a vintage of survivor literature. Armenian Golgotha is bound to deepen our knowing of a catastrophic crime that the Turkish executive, the Ottomans’ successor, denies to today.

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The commissions will verify the extermination of the Armenians and place the death toll at more than one million. JUNE 10 A military tribunal convicts Talaat, Enver, Jemal, and Dr. Nazim of war crimes and sentences them to death in absentia. 1920 APRIL 22 The United States recognizes the Democratic Republic of Armenia. APRIL 23 In Ankara, Turkish nationalists form a separategovernment and elect Mustapha Kemal as theirleader. The Allies, negotiating the Treaty of Sèvres, askPresident Wilson to draw the boundary lines of the Armenian Republic.

By the following year Grigoris was a pastor in Kuzgunjuk and vicar of Bilejik. For a short time he was patriarchal vicar of Kastemouni, where he tried to organize a new diocese that, in the end, was not recognized by the Ottoman government; so he returned to Constantinople in 1906 as the personal secretary of Patriarch Maghakia Ormanian. Soon thereafter he was elected a member of the National Religious Assembly †2 In 1908 he became a catholicossal envoy. On a historic mission in 1909, which he recalls in the early part of Armenian Golgotha, he accompanied Catholicos Matheos Izmirlian to St.

The new treaty recognizes the Republic of Turkey as successor to the Ottoman state and establishes new borders for Turkey. The award to Armenia is scrapped; the word Armenia does not appear in the Lausanne treaty. OCTOBER 29 The Kemalists proclaim the modern Turkish Republic. 1923-33 Balakian is bishop of the Armenian Apostolic Church of southern France. He resigns in 1933 and dies in 1934 in Marseilles. * Dates conform to the Gregorian or Western calendar. Translator's Note We have made a concerted effort to give the most commonly used form of place-names in order to ensure the greatest number of readers will be familiar with them.

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