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By Rand O., Rovenski V.

This paintings makes a speciality of mathematical tools and glossy symbolic computational instruments required to resolve basic and complex difficulties in anisotropic elasticity. particular functions are offered to the category of difficulties which are encountered within the theory.Key gains: specific emphasis is put on the choice of analytic technique for a selected challenge and the potential for symbolic computational suggestions to aid and enhance the analytic method of problem-solving · the actual interpretation of tangible and approximate mathematical suggestions is carefully tested and offers new insights into the concerned phenomena · state of the art options are supplied for quite a lot of composite fabric configurations built through the authors, together with nonlinear difficulties and complex research of laminated and thin-walled constructions · plentiful photo examples, together with animations, extra facilitate an realizing of the most steps within the resolution technique.

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5 Euler’s Equations 37 where, obviously, ∂ (F, u x ) = F, u x u x u, xx + F, u x u u, x + F, u x x , ∂x ∂ (F, u y ) = F, u y u y u, yy + F, u y u u, y + F, u y y . 168) ∂y More generally, if the functional F(x1 , . . , xn , u, u x1 , . . , u xn ) depends on 2n + 1 (n > 1) variables including the function u(x1 , . . , xn ) of n variables and its first derivatives, then the resulting Euler’s equation takes the form F, u − ∑ i=1 n ∂ (F, u xi ) = 0. 170) where the admissible functions u(x, y) belong to the C3 class on the domain Ω, and take specified continuous values on the boundary.

14. e. 2. Here s ∈ [0, l] is the natural length parameter of the curve. Recall that the curvature κ(s) of a plane curve is given as dθ ds where θ(s) is the angle between the local tangent line and the x-axis. One may therefore ask the following question: what shape will the curve take if the total turning of its tangent is given and the turning is zero and θe at the endpoints. As a constrained variational problem we write J= l 0 ( dθ 2 ) ds → min, ds J1 = l 0 θ ds = g, with θ(0) = 0, θ(l) = θe .

A fundamental result of the calculus of variations is that the extreme values of a functional must satisfy an associated differential equation (or a set of differential equations) over the discussed domain that are generally termed Euler’s equations. 32 1. Fundamentals of Anisotropic Elasticity and Analytical Methodologies The notion “extreme values” stands for local minima, maxima or inflection points. e. stationary or time-dependent) of the problem. , in (Sagan, 1969). Two general assumptions are typically associated with the analytical methodologies applied in calculus of variations.

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