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By Robert Dankoff

Evliya Celebi was once the seventeenth century's such a lot diligent, adventurous, and sincere recorder, whose puckish wit and humor are laced all through his ten-volume masterpiece. This fresh translation brings Evliya sparklingly again to existence. ""Well worthy a read.""-Irish Echo 7/2011

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The Companions gave this humble one various benedictions and they too left the mosque. Only Sa‘d ibn Abi Waqqas removed his bowand-arrow case from his waist and girded it on mine, uttering God is great. ‘Go forth,’ he said. ‘Perform the gaza with bow and arrow. Be in God’s protection and safety. And receive these good tidings: Of all the spirits you met in this assembly and whose hands you kissed, you are vouchsafed to visit their tombs. You will be a world traveller and unique among men. The well-protected kingdoms through which you pass, the fortresses and towns, the strange and wonderful monuments, and each land’s praiseworthy qualities and products, its food and drink, its latitude and longitude – record all of these and compose a marvellous work.

In the year (—) (1634), when Sultan Murad IV went on his expedition to Revan, his lieutenant Bayram Pasha repaired and whitewashed the walls of Galata and measured them with an architect’s cubit. The circuit, together with all the towers and ramparts, was calculated to be 18,000 cubits. There are 205 towers and 13,000 crenellations. The height of the walls is forty royal cubits. Some of the towers are eighty royal cubits in height. But Galata Tower, built by Mehmed the Conqueror, is 118 cubits high, and its sky-scraping summit is covered with lead.

Why should these bloody and tricky butchers come between us? Plagues have arisen from cities where they shed their blood, and for fear of this their stalls and shambles in other countries are outside of the city walls. They are a bloody and filthy band of ill-omen. ’ Now the butchers’ eyes went bloodshot. ‘My Padishah,’ they said, ‘Our patron saint is Kassab Cömerd and our occupation is with sheep, an animal that the Creator has made the object of mercy, and whose flesh He has made lawful food for the strengthening of His servants’ bodies.

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