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By Elly van Gelderen

This advent offers a full of life and obviously written textbook. It introduces simple strategies of grammar in a layout which encourages the reader to take advantage of linguistic arguments. the fashion of the e-book is enticing and examples from poetry, jokes, and puns illustrate grammatical concepts.The concentration is on syntactic research and facts. besides the fact that, unique subject sections give a contribution sociolinguistic and historic purposes in the back of prescriptive principles resembling the bans on cut up infinitives, dangling participles, and preposition stranding.The e-book is established for a semester-long direction. It presents routines, keys to these workouts, and pattern checks. it is usually a entire word list and proposals for extra studying.

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12 She waited impassive. 48. I made it in safe. 49. I list them separate. 50. He tested positive. 51. The Mesa Tribune, 29 August 1996, A1 In an article on nails: ‘Color them unusual’. 52. The Mesa Tribune, 15 February 1999, A1 911 system stretched thin. Explain what the adjectives in (47) to (52) modify. In these sentences, it is possible to add a -ly and make the adjective into an adverb. Then, the meaning changes since now the adverb modifies the verb. Can you do that? Examples of ‘incorrect use’ are listed in (53) to (56).

NP VP D N V The mouse bit NP D N the cat Thus, the initial element in the sentence is generally an NP (as we’ll see in the next chapter, the function of this NP is subject). e. immediately below S and connected by a tree branch). The rest of the sentence is the VP which can be more complex (as seen in (12), (16), and (18) above) as can the NP (as seen in (7)). In the previous chapter, pronouns such as he in (20a) are argued to be both somewhat grammatical and somewhat lexical. They don’t have much meaning but are the heads of phrases.

E. Indicate the structure of (51) by means of a tree structure. Is (51) ambiguous? If so, explain how: 51. They like a house with a porch with rocking chairs. F. Draw a structure for (52) and (53): 52. Tom and Jerry make good ice cream. 53. They washed dishes and cleaned the sink. G. Optional. Give some reasons justifying your choice of some of the phrases in A. Class discussion H. 2, two instances of structural ambiguity are given. Can you explain the ambiguity in terms of structure? I. Discuss the structure of one of these, a piece of chalk, and all those arguments.

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