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Chapter 1 Molecular and digital constitution of the amide workforce (pages 1–72): M. B. Robin, F. A. Bovey and Harold Basch
Chapter 2 Synthesis of amides (pages 73–185): A. L. J. Beckwith
Chapter three Acid?base and complexing houses of amides (pages 187–243): R. B. Homer and C. D. Johnson
Chapter four Rearrangement and removing of the amido staff (pages 245–288): Joseph F. Bieron and Frank J. Dinan
Chapter five Photochemistry of the amido crew (pages 289–308): Ionel Rosenthal
Chapter 6 Radiation chemistry of amides (pages 309–334): Owen H. Wheeler
Chapter 7 Chemistry of imidic compounds (pages 335–381): Owen H. Wheeler and Oscar Rosado
Chapter eight The chemistry of thioamides (pages 383–475): W. Walter and J. Voss
Chapter nine The chemistry of the thiohydrazide crew (pages 477–514): W. Walter and ok. J. Reubke
Chapter 10 The chemistry of hydrazides (pages 515–600): Hans Paulsen and Dieter Stoye
Chapter eleven organic formation and reactions of the amido team (pages 601–684): J. E. Reimann and R. U. Byerrum
Chapter 12 Directing and activating results of the amido team (pages 685–729): J. A. Shafer
Chapter thirteen Reactions of the carboxamide workforce (pages 731–857): Brian G. Challis and Judith A. Challis

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Hammaker and Guglcr 6 4 have suggested that. for N,N-diethylacetam:de the conformation 21 is prcferred, wliilc for N, N-diisopropylarnides, the methyl groups are turiicd away from the N atom as in 22. - H3C 'C---H O>C-N/ H' H3C H--2 'C-CH, H (211 0 \ H,C' H\ \ C-N / 9 4 3 ' C-CH, \ H / % x 3 (22 1 Conformation 21 appcars to be consistent with steric requircmcnts, but It has becn further suggested64 that they are supportcd by thc chcmical shifts of the CH, and C H protons compared to thosc of thc methyl groups, but in view of the unccrtain rationalc of chemical shifts of AT-alkyl protons, this cannot be considered strong support.

For the cyclic amide (26)a AG* of 17-3 kcal/mole was reported. Slow rotation in a number of open-chain amides with aromatic substituents on nitrogen has bcen reported in a number of The preferred conformations of papers by Siddall's group lo1-lo8. e. with the amide and phenyl groups neither coplanar nor orthogonal (both of which conformations probably represent energy maxima), but at intermediate angles, with two energy minima and two maxima pcr 180" rotationg9 (see also the case of benzarnide in section 11).

For trans to cir. Scc text and rcferenccs therein for details of thc two measurements indicated. ‘These entries refer to specific methods of line-shape analysis; ‘peak separation’ refcrs to the observation that just below coalescence the components of thc doublct appcar to move togcther; ‘pcak-to-valley’ ratio rcfcrs to the measurement of thc ratio of cithcr doublet peak height to the intcnsity midway betrvecn; ‘ linc narrowing’ r c h s to the linc above coalcsccncc. 1 ! e2. g 9 0 . 5m 2 $I’ 2 0 *L g e 5 o_ 0 c.

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