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By Manfred Bietak

Contents: N. Allon: Seth is Baal - proof from the Egyptian Script; H. Barnard: extra comments on Blemmyes, Beja and japanese desolate tract Ware; M. Bietak and that i. Forstner-Muller: Ausgrabung eines Palastbezirkes der Tuthmosidenzeit bei 'Ezbet Helmi/Tell el-Dab'a, Vorbericht fur das Fruhjahr 2007; E.C.M. Van den breaking point, R. Gophna and A. Ovadiah: Burial Cave 2 within the Azor-Holon Cemetery: An Early Bronze Age I Tomb with Egyptian unearths; I. Finkelstein and E. Piasetzki: Radiocarbon relationship and Philistine Chronology with an Addendum on el-Ahwat; I. Forstner-Muller: The Colonization/Urbanization of the inform region A/II at inform el-Dab'a and its Chronological Implications; I. Forstner-Muller, T. Herbich, W. Muller, Ch. Schweitzer and M. Weissl: Geophysical Survey 2007 at inform el-Dab'a; F. Hoflmayer: Agyptische Skarabaen auf Kreta und ihre Bedeutung fur die absolute Chronologie der minoischen Altpalastzeit (MM IB-MM IIB); J.K. Hoffmeier and K.A. Kitchen: Reshep and Astarte in North Sinai: A lately came across Stela from inform el-Borg; E.S. Marcus: Amenemhet II and the ocean: Maritime points of the Mit Rahina (Memphis) Inscription; M.A.S. Martin and R. Ben-Dov: Egyptian and Egyptian-Style Pottery at Tel Dan; N. Ch. Math: Eine innere Chronologie der Badarikultur? Moglichkeiten und Aspekte; D. Morandi Bonacossi: The Chronology of the Royal Palace of Qatna Revisited. A respond to a Paper by way of Mirko Novak, Egypt and the Levant 14, 2004; T. Muhlenbruch: Die Synchronisierung der nordlichen Levante und Kilikiens mit der agaischen Spatbronzezeit; H. Refai: Zur Entwicklung der koniglichen Jenseitsabsicherung in den thebanischen Totentempeln des Neuen Reiches; R. Schiestl: The Coffin from Tomb I at Byblos; A. Winkels: Restauratorisch-naturwissenschaftliche Untersuchung von tuthmosidischen Putzen aus 'Ezbet Helmi/Tell el-Dab'a: Ein Beitrag zur Erforschung altagyptischer Kalkputztechnik; E. Yannai: New Typology and Chronology of the gray Lustrous Wheel Made Ware in Israel.

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6: 6–7; for the mode of decoration cf. BEN-TOR 1975: fig. 6:3; 5) jar dle (Fig. 1), a small carinated bowl (Fig. 2), two pillar-spouted jars (Figs. 4) and two plain ledge-handles (Fig. 5–6). These last three fragments probably belong to one and the same jar. Fragments of at least three loop-handled jugs and juglets (Fig. 7:1–3), a small loop-handled cup with impressed decoration on its rim (Fig. 4) and portions of another jar (Fig. 5) complete this very tiny assemblage. With the exception of the carinated bowl, all diagnostic forms have clear parallels in pottery assemblages from two other burial caves at Azor (BEN-TOR 1975) and Stratum V–IV of Tel Dalit (GOPHNA and IRON-LUBIN 1996).

Based on the thickness of the bone fragments (between 8–9mm), the skull is assumed to be that of a male. The condition of the closure of the 5 6 See, for instance, BEN-TOR 1975, in particular note 5. This section is based on an internal report dated October 29th, 1970 written by David Westler, Tel Aviv University, School of Medicine, Dept. of Anatomy and Anthropology. Fig. M. van den Brink, Ram Gophna and Asher Ovadiah Fig. 6 Azor. Cave 2. Pottery finds: 1) Small hemispheric bowl with lug handle (cf.

J. 1990 Le chameau en Egypte, Or 46: 337–362. Sakanab: Greeting and Information Among the Northern Beja, Africa. Journal of the International African Institute 58: 423–436. M. 1935 Sons of Ishmael, London. M. H. 1967 Bedouin Life in the Egyptian Wilderness, Cairo. Trogodytica: The Red Sea Littoral in Ptolemaic Times, The Geographical Journal 133,1: 24–33. HUYGE, D. PAUL, A. 1998 1954 Art on the Decline? Egyptian Rock art Drawing from the Late and Graeco-Roman Periods, 1377–1392, in: W. CLARYSSE, A.

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