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By Mary MacDonald

Agendas and Sustainability considers the methods used for devising international atmosphere and improvement agendas and offers functional feedback for his or her destiny improvement and effect. A collaboration of the most recent study from the Stockholm setting Institute and the Earth Council, the publication provides similarities and transformations in challenge definition, targets, ideas, priorities and activities throughout 11 of the foremost agendas recommend for atmosphere and improvement after Rio. issues of divergence and components of universal flooring are investigated for over 30 atmosphere and development-related themes, reminiscent of biodiversity, intake styles, alternate, urbanization, inhabitants, schooling, deforestation and water assets.

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Agenda Ya Wananchi stresses the importance of increasing awareness and educating on issues relating to cultural diversity. Both are within the scope of Agenda 21 but Ya Wananchi gives them much more weight. Both documents highlight the need for changes in society but the dissimilarity in educational goals is reflected in the actions proposed for achieving those changes. One of the major differences between ASCEND 21 and Agenda 21 is the way they address the issue of education and science. Agenda 21 emphasizes the role scientists can play in providing information for decision-making on environment and development policy, while ASCEND 21 states that scientists 31 AGENDAS FOR SUSTAINABILITY need to clarify their role in raising awareness of environmental problems.

Most often capacity building is achieved through training, public participation, network building and exchange programmes. Three agendas focus on capacity building within the framework of environment and development. Agenda 21 considers capacity building for policy development and evaluation ‘keeping in mind environmental potentials and limits and needs as perceived by the people’. ASCEND 21 highlights the capacity building needed in adjusting to change and the implementation of Agenda 21. Caring for the Earth emphasizes the need for capacity building in low-income countries in order to increase economic prosperity, sustainable development and environmental protection.

Therefore, all the agendas in this book ascribe, directly or indirectly, to a certain ethical point of view. Even if they are not presented in a separate section, statements regarding ethics and values can be found throughout the agendas. Youth ’92, for example, tells us that youth of the South should fight the infiltration of Western consumer values. Agenda 21, chapter 30, states that business and industry including TNCs should ensure responsible and ethical management of products and processes.

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