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By Larry McLaughlin

The aim of this guide is to supply nearly all of the language styles used inside of NLP. the writer concentrates, no longer on newly constructed styles, yet relatively on amassing jointly current styles, supplying his interpretation and examples of ways those styles can be utilized.

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Mary exists) a) Jim Selman is excellent at creating clear distinctions. b) __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ c) __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ 27. Pronouns I saw her in town. (A female exists) a) It would be great if she could create rapport as well. b) __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ c) __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ 28.

D) __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ e) __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ I'm curious, can you see the value in this product I'm wondering if you would prefer this. I'm not sure if you will want to buy today while the sale is on, or not. 20. Covering All Ranges of Possibilities (Statements which cover all ranges of what is possible) a) When you decide to take my pervasive change seminar, you can write a cheque, use your credit card or pay cash which ever is more convenient for you.

D) __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ e) __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ I know that you are thinking ........ You think that …………. You realize that You have seen ............... (visual) You have heard that ....... (kinesthetic) 2. ) a) It is going to make pervasive changes in your life.

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