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By Richard Stoneman

From Herodotus to Freya Stark, writers were encouraged through Turkey, a various kingdom on the crossroads of historical past, for millennia. the following, Richard Stoneman describes in energetic element the extraordinary literature they produced. At a time while Turkey’s place at the fringe might be set to alter to a deeper involvement in Europe, the necessity to comprehend the rustic is much more compelling. the variety of shuttle writing represented during this booklet indicates how, whereas political situations may perhaps switch, the trap of Turkey is still constant.

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The mandate included to survive in power so as to provide a counterbalance to the secular establishment and thereby protect its constituency in the face of yet another attempt to discipline Islamic identity in the public sphere. But, again, it did not include a liberal transformation of polity so as to prevent the possibilities of such a disciplining for good. To survive in power and to accomplish its defensive/protective mission, in contrast to its ancestor RP, the AKP paid extraordinary attention to not becoming a source of political tension and not causing a clash with the guardians of the Republic.

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The same logic applies to other key issues like the Kurdish issue, which is seen as not the cause but the effect of the Partiya Karkêren Kurdistan (PKK; Kurdistan Workers Party) ‘terrorism’. A further result of this anti-political positioning is the rejection of the idea that other and better forms of societal existence are possible through human creativity. This is probably the reason why the secular establishment has been reproducing the traditionalist conceptualization of time/history as a degeneration of a past golden age and a yearning for the good old days of the single-party era, especially in the last decade.

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