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By Wolfgang Christ (auth.), Wolfgang Christ (eds.)

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With a few exceptions, travelling is one of the least pleasant experiences of being in a city. For motorists, the journey to work in the morning rush -hour is usually a bumper-to-bumper crawl along motorways that lead into ever more congested streets as one nears the city centre. Those who take trains must struggle into carriages that too become progressively more crowded, while bus passengers often have the added inconvenience of being stuck in innercity traffic. The experience of pedestrians is of crowded sidewalks and queues, polluted air, noise and the general discomfort of spending too much time on one's feet.

All the cars. 39 40 Jonas Hughes With Schindler ID, everyone using a building is provided with a form of identifica tion - for guests and visitors an access card; for residents and business tenants, a chip that may be installed in a card, mobile phone, watch or other item. The chip contains information about all the specific destinations and needs of each individual user. All entry points and elevators in the building are equipped with an interface. When the card or chip device is placed on the interface, the display shows all destinations which that individual is permitted to access.

The root cause is a lack of awareness of the access issues confronting substantial numbers of people. ' 32 Jonas Hughes The mobility problems confronting the world's cities are not in question. The time and energy wasted in traffic jams is variously estimated at tens to hundreds of billions of dollars a year for individual cities, while the environmental consequences of traffic pollution and the energy consumed for commuter journeys are widely acknowledged to be unsustainable. As the engines of global growth, cities are responsible for generating the lion's share of the world's wealth as well as the bulk of waste and emissions, a substantial proportion of which comes from automobiles.

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