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By Aldo Leopold

"We can position this ebook at the shelf that holds the writings of Thoreau and John Muir." San Francisco Chronicle

These magnificent photos of the wildlife discover the breathtaking range of the unspoiled American panorama -- the mountains and the prairies, the deserts and the coastlines. a gorgeous tribute to our land and a daring problem to guard the area we like.

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Limited data suggested that perchlorate may be taken up and concentrated in aerial plant parts, especially leaves. A secondary acute value of5 mg L- I (as perchlorate) was derived to be protective of 95% of aquatic organisms during short-term exposures with 80% confidence. 6 (as perchlorate) was derived to be 95% of aquatic organisms during short-term exposures with 80% confidence. For terrestrial plants, a screening benchmark of 4 mg kg- I was derived assuming an uncertainty factor of 10 for interspecies variance from the quartile inhibitory concentration in sand of 41 mg kg-I.

The fact that additional research is needed regarding perchlorate makes it unlikely that EPA would select it to make a determination to regulate by the 2001 deadline. Nevertheless, EPA could choose to regulate perchlorate at that time or earlier, if data indicate that regulation is necessary. An interim NPDWR could also be issued by EPA if new data indicates that perchlorate presents an urgent threat to public health. At this time however, the decision to set action levels rests with state and local authorities.

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