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By Jacqueline Baker

Jacqueline Baker's ostensible topics in a troublesome Witching, her first brief tale assortment, are the overwhelmed and colourless human forms that inhabit rural Saskatchewan, however the precise crucial characters in those tales are the Sand Hills, the striking dunes within the province's southwest nook. The dunes are domestic to precise natural world in addition to many dinosaur fossils. not just are they invisible other than at shut quarters, they movement imperceptibly every one year.

All 8 of the tales during this assortment care for the ambivalent dating of settler society to its setting. occasionally there's a touch of nostalgia for an easier rural lifestyles, however it speedy dissipates. And consistently the Sand Hills are there, pointing to a barren region that's not just actual, it's emotional, and both unbearably scorching or impossibly chilly. the awful environment of loveless marriages and failed adolescent sexuality subtly hyperlink to a situation within which the characters are unwelcome or, at most sensible, inappropriate. Nowhere is that this proven extra basically than within the first tale, "Cherry"; it describes, from a child's point of view, eccentric Uncle Aloetius, who torments his niece and nephew with journeys to "the hoodoo-like hills" trying to find "vossles." yet their uncle's sinister attract, compounded via stories of his attractive runaway spouse, Cherry, evaporates on his demise. an unpleasant previous lady donning an excessive amount of make-up turns up, calling herself Auntie Geraldine. "'Cherry,' she stated, 'is how they used to claim Gerri.... All these Germans.'" Even her identify is a mirage. those tales, ruled through often younger narrators and lies instructed approximately intercourse and kin, recommend Baker as a rural J.D. Salinger--a such a lot promising begin to a literary occupation. --Robyn Gillam

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