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Philostratus Junior, soph. D. , Philodemus, phil. C. , Philoponus, Joannes, phil. D. , Photius, lexic. D. , Phrynicus, attic. D. , Phylarchus, hist. D. , Pindar, lyr. C. , Plato, phil. C. , Polybius, hist. C. , Plotinus, phil. D. , Plutarch, biogr. D. , Polemo, soph. D. , Pollux, gram. D. , Polyaenus, hist. D. , Porphyrus of Tyre, phil. D. , Proclus, phil. D. , Procopus of Caesarea, hist. D. , Pseudo-Callisthenes, hist. D. , Pseudo-Phocylidea, lyr. D.? , Ptolemaeus, math. D. , Pythagoras, phil.

Are normally to page number, but a section number (marked §)is used for works in which this mode of reference is more common and/or more helpful. 5. SYMBOLS Phonemes are indicated by diagonal lines Morphemes are indicated by braces { }. f f. Phonetic symbols are indicated by square brackets [ ]. The phonetic symbols employed are those of the International Phonetic Association. The following ones are used. Other Abbreviations and Symbols 37 CONSONANTS Labial Labiodental Dental Alveolar Alveopalatal Velar Glottal --- Stops k t p vi.

D. , Dio Chrysostom, soph. D. , Dionysius of Halicamassus, hist. C. , Diogenes Laertius, biogr. D.? , Diodorus Siculus, hist. C. , Damascius, phil. D. , Damoxenus, com. C. , Demetrius, astrol. ap. , Democritus, phil. C. , Dinolochus, com. C. , Diodorus, epigr. D. , Dioscorides, med. D. , Euripides, trag. C. , Epicharmus, com . C. , Epictetus, phil. D. , Erotianus, gram. D. , Eubulus, com. C. , Eupolis, com. C. , Eusebius of Caesarea, eccl. D. D. , Galen, med. D. , Geminus, astron. C. , Herodian, gram.

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